Hamburg Card

Hamburg Card


Duration: 1 to 5 days


Visit: Archaologisches Museum Hamburg, Museumsplatz 2, 21073 Hamburg Germany

Enjoy 50% off at the Archaologisches Museum Hamburg

Visit: Altonaer Museum - Norddeutsches Landesmuseum, Museumstrasse 23, 22765 Hamburg Germany

41% off at the Altonaer Museum - Norddeutsches Landesmuseum

Visit: Museum of Work, Wiesendamm 3, 22305 Hamburg Germany

41% off at the Museum of Work

Visit: Kunstverein, Klosterwall 23, 20095 Hamburg Germany

40% off at the Kunstverein Hamburg

Visit: Hafenmuseum Hamburg, Kopfbau des Schuppens 50A Australiastraße, 20457 Hamburg Germany

38% off at the Hafenmuseum Hamburg

Visit: Museum of Hamburg History, Holstenwall 24, 20355 Hamburg Germany

37% off at the Museum of Hamburgische Geschichte

The hamburgmuseum (or hm), also known as Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte ("Museum for Hamburg History"), is a history museum located in the city of Hamburg in northern Germany. The museum was established at its current location in 1922, although its parent organization was started in 1839. The museum was named hamburgmuseum in 2006. It is located near the Planten un Blomen park in the center of Hamburg. The museum has many artifacts from preserved by the Society of Hamburg History founded in 1839. The Petri portal from Hamburg's St. Petri Church, built in 1604, was built into the museum courtyard.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstr. 1-2, 20095 Hamburg Germany

Deichtorhallen Hamburg is one of Europe’s largest exhibition centres for contemporary art and photography. Two bookstores, the café and restaurant »Fillet of Soul« round out the Deichtorhallen offerings. Located in the centre of Hamburg in walking distance to the Speicherstadt, Elbphilharmonoe and Hafencity, it offers an ideal launch pad for cultural undertakings.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Kunsthalle Hamburg, Glockengiesserwall, 20095 Hamburg Germany

This huge art museum specializes in European painting. The historic building itself is worth the price of admission.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: PuppenMuseum Falkenstein, Grotiusweg 79, 22587 Hamburg Germany

Today, as a key commercial hub, an international harbor and a media and cultural center, the metropolis on the Elbe River with its one million inhabitants is once again pursuing ancient traditions with typically Hanseatic aplomb. This comes as no surprise: Germany's second largest city offers a high quality of life and international flair. In Hamburg, the word "boredom" is unknown.

• Free travel on public transport (HVV) in the Greater Hamburg Area
• Discounts on last minute tickets at 16 theaters
• Up to 50% discounts at more than 150 places of interest such as sightseeing tours, harbour and Alster lake cruises
• 20% discounts in restaurant
• 20% discount from selected shopping partners, on parking tickets and souvenirs
• Hamburg guide, free information brochure and city map

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Jenischhaus, Baron-Voght-Str. 50a Jenischpark, 22609 Hamburg Germany


Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Helms Museum, Museumsplatz 2, 21073 Hamburg Germany

Helms Museum

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Bucerius Kunst Forum, Alter Wall 12, 20457 Hamburg Germany

Bucerius Kunst Forum

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: HSV-Museum, Sylvesterallee 7 Im Volksparkstadion, 22525 Hamburg Germany


Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Die Dachbodenbande, Kehrwieder 4, 20457 Hamburg Germany

Die Dachbodenbande

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Museum fur Bergedorf und die Vierlande, Bergedorfer Schlossstr. 4, 21029 Hamburg Germany

Museum fur Bergedorf und die Vierlande

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Steintorplatz, 20099 Hamburg Germany

Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: International Maritime Museum, Kaispeicher B Koreastrasse 1, 20457 Hamburg Germany

Learn about the history and future of shipping, and Hamburg’s importance, at this tremendous museum. Artifacts include ship models, paintings, uniforms and nautical devices.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: BallinStadt Emigration Museum Hamburg, Veddeler Bogen 2, 20539 Hamburg Germany

More than five million people emigrated to the New World via the Port of Hamburg between 1850 and 1934. The stories of their lives are brought to life at BallinStadt. Historical exhibits, multimedia stations, the backdrop of a bustling market in the New York of the 1920s, and much more will make this a breath-taking journey for visitors.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Hamburg Dungeon, Kehrwieder 2, 20457 Hamburg Germany

The Hamburg Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of actors, special effects, stages, and rides in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you can see, hear, smell, and feel. As a visitor, you will become part of the action and, at times, even the lead role. With 11 Shows, professional actors and two exciting rides, the Hamburg Dungeon offers a one of a kind entertainment experience incomparable to any other attraction in town. Frightening, scary fun, and entertaining – simply unique!

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Rieck-Haus, Curslacker Deich 284, 21039 Hamburg Germany


Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Miniatur Wunderland, Kehrwieder 2-4 Block D, 20457 Hamburg Germany

Miniatur Wunderland is the world’s largest model train exhibit, and still growing. See trains running through recreations of Hamburg and the coast, Austria, the Grand Canyon and Scandinavia.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Panoptikum, Spielbudenplatz 3, 20359 Hamburg Germany

Likeness is no coincidence.these are works of art.Whether glamorous, stunningly beautiful or scary,meticulous attention to detail is evident in every figure.Lifelike, at close quarters. Historical figures, artistsand politicians, celebrities and megastars. Athletesand popular contemporaries.Hamburg’s PANOPTIKUM looks back on over 130years of history. It is the oldest waxworks in Germany.A family business in which tradition is upheld withdevotion and care. In keeping with our slogan: Greatentertainment for young and old alike.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: St. Michael's Church, Englische Planke 1a, 20459 Hamburg Germany

This huge 18th-century cathedral is Hamburg's best known architectural landmark.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Zum Windjammer, Davidstr. 34, 20359 Hamburg Germany

Zum Windjammer

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Deutsches Zollmuseum, Alter Wandrahm 16, 20457 Hamburg Germany

Deutsches Zollmuseum

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Tierpark Hagenbeck, Lokstedter Grenzstrasse 2, 22527 Hamburg Germany

The Hamburg Zoo, opened in 1863, has a new elephant pavilion and new tropical aquarium. Animals are in naturalistic enclosures.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: St Nikolai Memorial, Willy-Brandt-Str. 60, 20457 Hamburg Germany

St. Nikolai Memorial is Hamburg’s most important memorial dealing with the war and its dictatorship during 1933-1945. The original main church was destroyed in the air raids on Hamburg in 1943. In the church ruins a museum reminds us of the disastrous air war over Europe. It questions the impact of war in former as well as in present times and deals with aspects of the memories of the victims of World War II. A glass elevator takes visitors up the fifth highest church tower in the world. A viewing platform at 76 metres overlooks the harbour, the Alster lakes and Hamburg’s city centre. Historical photos of past destruction add up to the impressions.

Duration: 1 hour



Archaologisches Museum Hamburg, Museumsplatz 2, 21073 Hamburg Germany


  • Hamburg Card and guide book
  • Entry/Admission - Archaologisches Museum Hamburg
  • Entry/Admission - Altonaer Museum - Norddeutsches Landesmuseum
  • Entry/Admission - Hafenmuseum Hamburg
  • Entry/Admission - Museum of Hamburg History
  • Entry/Admission - Deichtorhallen Hamburg
  • Entry/Admission - Kunsthalle Hamburg
  • Entry/Admission - PuppenMuseum Falkenstein
  • Entry/Admission - Jenischhaus
  • Entry/Admission - Helms Museum
  • Entry/Admission - Bucerius Kunst Forum
  • Entry/Admission - HSV-Museum
  • Entry/Admission - Die Dachbodenbande
  • Entry/Admission - Museum fur Bergedorf und die Vierlande
  • Entry/Admission - Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe
  • Entry/Admission - International Maritime Museum
  • Entry/Admission - BallinStadt Emigration Museum Hamburg
  • Entry/Admission - Hamburg Dungeon
  • Entry/Admission - Rieck-Haus
  • Entry/Admission - Miniatur Wunderland
  • Entry/Admission - Panoptikum
  • Entry/Admission - St. Michael's Church
  • Entry/Admission - Zum Windjammer
  • Entry/Admission - Deutsches Zollmuseum
  • Entry/Admission - Tierpark Hagenbeck
  • Entry/Admission - St Nikolai Memorial


  • Gratuities
  • Food and drinks, unless specified

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